May 29, 2015

Multisales Brochure Design

A brochure design for Multisales Buttons, Bangalore.

Here we take you through the complete process of making this brochure. Multisales is a button manufacturing company from Bangalore. They make synthetic and organic buttons for the textile market. The clientele for them was the fashion designers. The challenge was to get designer business . Hence we came up with a fashion magazine approach for the brochure design. The client was very specific about explaining the process of making the buttons, hence we concentrated on macro photography.

A Recce Shoot was made before the final shoot. This helped us in understanding the process of making the buttons. Hence we could plan the frames for the brochure. There was two types of button manufacturing one was the mould and the other was die cut.

The shoot gave us excellent results . The studio shoot which was done a week later was more challenging in getting the minute details, but more comfortable than the factory environment i.e., less disturbance and more control over light. One  shot we got was a masterpiece due to the unconventional technique we tried. (see picture Below)

And guess what, we decided to use the image as the cover page with some photoshoping

And that’s it, its out for print. Needless to say the client was overwhelmed to see the result

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